• Alpha industries hooded fishtail TT jacket GZAL4XE87

Alpha industries hooded fishtail TT jacket GZAL4XE87

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The fishtail parka is certainly one of the most popular jackets for men, were ever designed. The parka was introduced during the Korean war 1950, US soldiers deployed to facilitate the fight against the adverse weather conditions: wind and cold soldiers additional stress exposed, which is why I needed a simple yet functional solution. The eponymous back of fishtail parkas was introduced, so that the soldiers could tie together the jacket between the legs without restricting the freedom of movement. The outer material was designed so that humidity has been rejected and thanks to the spacious fit a whole uniform under the parka fit. After the Korean war, the fishtail parka became a menswear classic, which was loved by representatives of almost all subcultures for its versatility and cost efficiency. Our hooded fishtail TT, which you can see here, continues the long legacy of the parkas. It comes in light and rugged, wind and water-repellent 2tone nylon, light food and our flight day. The hooded fishtail TT is a super choice for the warmer seasons and an excellent companion for rainy weather.

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Alpha industries hooded fishtail TT jacket GZAL4XE87

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