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“I say, it’s a veritable jungle out there. What are you waiting for? champagne and pith helmet…forthwith!”

TwentyFifth has evolved since it’s birth in 2009. It began initially as a Wedding Blog for our friends and family. Then in 2010, once we were officially hitched, with itchy feet and an ever present case of wanderlust, we took the opportunity to begin our married life by embarking upon a mini adventure. We were gone for a mere seven months but in that time I kept a journal. And this is where I published my ramblings and our experiences.
I do not pretend to be a travel writer and this is not officially a travel blog. TwentyFifth is simply where I spew out my thoughts on our journeys through the world.

As you may have noticed, there are some rather beautiful photographs adding vibrancy, insight and an aesthetic quality to the waffle. These are taken by Chris Ridley whose creative and technical skill overwhelms me (ok, so I may be a little biased as he’s the fool that married me, but his work does speak for itself). His images have a visual commentary of their very own. Enjoy!

The Vaughn (the words):

I come from a long line of exccentric colonialists, ‘tally-ho’ing across the world equipped with pith helmets and champagne (on my father’s side), or huddling on ships to new lands of gold and promise (my mother’s side). I have been brought up to admire and adore those things that man creates out of gluttony, love, fear and hope. I am fascinated by the experiences, contexts and histories that affect the people that we are and those differences between us. But most of all I am in awe of ‘us’ and the planet that we are fortunate enough to be part of.

Feel free to look inside my head and see things through my eyes. I’m pretty sure I don’t always make sense but then, very few things actually do.


Squidley Ridley (the pics):

At the tender age of 10, Squidley donned a tiny backpack and spent over a year on the railways of India, Himalayan passes of Nepal and dusty tracks of East Africa. He is an obsessive self-taught photographer with an entrepenaurial spirit and thrives in the life outside the convential 9-5. Travel is in his blood and he sees the world in an inspiring and perceptive way. A man moved by images.
If he could live on Halloumi cheese alone, he would…because it’s delicious AND squeaky!





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